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The D.A.N.G-D.In.G.I.E. American
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Dutch,Anglo,Native american,German - Dutch,Indian native american,German,Irish,English,,a white,hetero,christian,male.
The white trash,honky,redneck,hillbilly,cracker!
Also known as The Evil 'White' Man.
The only demographic with out explicit 'racial right protections' written into U.S. laws.
The ones everyone says has all the advantages and priviledges,,because of skin color.
The ones everyone blames for all the misery in the world.
The ones everyone thinks it's cool and acceptable to just hate.

Born from generations of immigrants and the native american,
Blonde haired,blue eyed,light complected,,with red freckles mixed in.
If there's a color befitting,,it's pink!
(Blood shows in my skin)
Yet I bet,,you would call me white,,showing how you think.

Say what you want,,hate us all ya care to,,go ahead,,dump on,denigrate,humiliate and berate us,,we don't care.
We're peculiar like that.
For us,,'stiks n stones may break our bones,,but names and hate will never stop us'.
We would rather 'stand up and quit ourselves like men'.
We don't whine,,we win!!

"I'll just stay on the porch,thank you.Who wants to run with a pack of butt sniffing,flea ridden,slobbering animals if I can hang with the food and folks? -I ain't no dawg.- I would rather court queens than chase bit**es.